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The examples support or illustrate, they can reinforce or support a demonstration, reasoning, argumentation.
Reading and observation
Read this excerpt from Rousseau and see how the author inserts an example in his text (the example is colored red, the lesson is underlined).

Explanatory notes

●  Example: This is the sentence colored red. The author refers to the myth of Hermes to draw a parallel between the book, purpose of transmitting knowledge, and stone, remember the conservation object.
●  The lesson: It is the underlined sentence. The use of myth as such is only through education that one draws: knowledge is not transmitted through books but through practice and experience.

The functions of the example

●  The illustration: In an argumentative or explanatory paragraph, the example can translate concretely the argument, the idea or the concept addressed. It facilitates understanding and illuminates the demonstration.

●  The argument: In an argumentative paragraph, the example can be the basis for the demonstration. It is then a particular concrete case that addresses to identify a general principle value, to draw a conclusion. It loses its exemplary role in the strict sense since it becomes the first element of an inductive reasoning (inductive reasoning from a particular fact to draw a general rule).

Job’s Example

●  The example must be within the framework of the demonstration and did not come out as it may cause the duty to off topic.

●  The example must keep reasonable proportions and not invade or replace text, reasoning, otherwise we run the risk of digression.

●  Are sometimes used words or phrases to signal the introduction of an example: for example, as is the case of, we can illustrate this by may be mentioned, include me an example of, as evidenced, as can be seen in, it may be noted, as pointed out, as stated ...

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